Looks like Snoop Lion’s 4/20 celebration went up in smoke.

It’s no surprise that Snoop Lion held a giant party to celebrate 4/20 -- the national cannabis smoking day -- in the Hollywood Hills.

The “Snoop Lion 420 Festival” upset residents in the area and authorities were called in to shut the party down before anything major happened.

According to TMZ’s reports, the bash started at 11:00 am but was quickly shut down. The neighbors had issues with the noise levels and escalating parking situation.

TMZ also reports that no one was officially cited and Snoop wasn't even at the party at the time.

Snoop may not be blazing in the Hills anytime soon after this debacle but we doubt he's pressed, after all, he has work to do.

The emcee will be making an appearance on 'One Life to Live' pretty soon, providing the theme song for the show.

His documentary 'Reincarnated' is slated for release on April 23rd.

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