Eddie Murphy strums the guitar and croons his urgent lyrics in the video for 'Red Light.' The reggae-infused song, which features Snoop Lion, marks the funnyman's return to music after a 20-year hiatus.

It's pretty much a performance video mixed with scenes of a young girl witnessing some intense situations outside of her home. Props to John Mazyck of Cashmere Agency for those stirring visuals.

Later, Snoop Lion jumps in to provide some encouraging words while the band joyously plays on. It's not 'Party All the Time' but it's close enough.

"I have always had a deep love and passion for music," said Murphy about the song and video in a statement (via HuffPost). "There are so many important issues and events taking place in our country and the world right now that I think are being lost in the frenzy of sensationalism, and I felt moved to speak about it in my own way. Reggae music embodies love and positivity and has always been rooted in social consciousness, so it was the perfect genre for what I wanted to say."

Yeah mon!

Eddie Murphy's new album, '9,' is expected to hit shelves before year's end.

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