Ro James' upcoming 'Cadillacs' -- the third in his 'Coke,' 'Jack' & Cadillacs' EP collection -- is dropping on Sept. 19, and he's released one of the better songs of the series. The singer brings Snoop Dogg along for the ride for ''84.'

Undoubtedly the more popular R&B production choice in recent days calls for a more nocturnal feel. What makes the Philly Phatboiz's production stand out is how aquatic and engulfing it is in addition to that aesthetic, from the steady compressed drums to the constant presence of that wah-wah filtered guitar.

Ro James shines not just because of his vocal talents and lyrics, although they're just fine here. His voice just sounds like it meshes so well with the watery production. The chemistry works well enough to make it sound like Ro James is an instrument within this backdrop, but that's not to say he doesn't stand out like when he's crooning over the hook.

Snoop Dogg's feature works in a similar way as his trademark cadence also blends right in as soon as he starts his verse: "Skate slo', '84 / Waiting fo' me / Groove so smooth you've been hating on me." It's clear by the end of the verse that he's playing around in this atmosphere he feels -- and more importantly, sounds -- so comfortable in.

Listen to Ro James' ''84' Feat. Snoop Dogg

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