While we're used to seeing Snoop Dogg partying it up and rapping about getting high or partying hard, he's keeping things clean for the kids in his new music video, 'Let the Bass Go,' one of the tracks off the 'Turbo' soundtrack.

Sounding a lot like a track you'd hear on the 'Space Jam' soundtrack, Snoop keeps with the theme by taking us to a drag race. Cool and collected, he competes against an overly confident female driver and ultimately wins the race. While there's not much else going on in this particular visual, we do get to see a glimpse of the 'Turbo' film including a few scenes featuring Snoop's character, Smoove Move.

"When they told me to become a part of the movie, you know they explained to me that the character was written for me," he explained during this year's E3. "And I could add what I wanted to add. So anytime I do a role, I love to get direction and at the same time, I love to bring what you want from me."

You can catch 'Turbo' in theaters on July 17.