New York City-based artist Ro James follows up last month's 'Coke' with 'Jack,' the second EP in his 'Coke, Jack & Cadillacs' collection. Like the last effort, 'Jack' features four slow burning R&B tracks, except this time he brings Asher Roth along for a feature on 'Lisa.'

'Jack' features a combination of grimy production and smooth vocals, recalling a 'Pony'-era Ginuwine. The effort also closes with the guitar-backed 'Indiana Jones,' which refers to the first heartbreak Ro suffered back in Indiana. According to his bio, the heartbreak led to him record a song entitled 'Portrait' and subsequently post it on his MySpace page. The acclaim he received for his music inspired him to move to New York.

Ro's next EP, 'Cadillacs,' will be released on Sept.19. The singer is scheduled to appear at the Apple Store in Manhattan's SoHo area for a performance and interview with radio personality K.Foxx on Aug. 23.

Listen to Ro James' 'Jack' EP

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