On Season 3, Episode 8 of 'Love & Hip-Hop,' Peter Gunz tells Rich Dollaz he needs to cut Erica Mena off professionally, not just personally.

When Rich is hesitant, Peter hands him his cell phone, which shows a photo of Erica on party flyer, an event she was scheduled to host. Apparently, Rich had no clue she was booking gigs without his consent -- or giving him his 20 percent as a manager.

"She’s embarrassing me,” Rich says, turning red.

“She ain't doing nothing wrong, you doing something wrong managing her,” Peter replies.

Later on, Rich sits with Erica in Harlem to tell her he wants to break off their business relationship as a result of her going behind his back. She starts throwing out excuses about why she keeps taking lower level gigs.

“I'm a single mother; I get no damn help," Erica claims.

“I can’t do it,” Rich repeatedly says.

“Do you want to manage me?” Erica asks, looking him in the eyes and trying to seduce him. Rich looks as if he is falling for it and so it's unclear whether the cord is cut yet.

Meanwhile, Lore'l goes to meet with Yandy at her office job for Black Enterprise magazine. Wow, how many jobs does Yandy have? Anyway, after the embarrassing book reading held by Winter the week before, Lore'l wants to clear the air with Yandy to be sure she would still manage her.

"It doesn't matter to me who you date,” Yandy says, getting straight to the point. “Do you have talent? Are you marketable enough to make money?”

At the end of the conversation, Yandy says she'll deal with Lore'l on a trial basis until she figures out what kind of artist she wants to become.

Joe Budden shows up to talk with Tahiry at her job about the fight with Kaylin. That doesn't quite end well as emotions are still running high.

“You ungrateful sack of s---,” Tahiry yells at Joe. “At the end of the day your black history.”

Tahiry decides she doesn't need Joe to put a verse on her song 'Devil.'

Later in the show, Joe is shopping with Kaylin in Brooklyn and tells her that he went to see Tahiry. At first, she seems a little turned off by the fact he told her after the fact, but Kaylin says she doesn’t mind him seeing her because she doesn't want to come off as insecure. She tells Joe to handle his business with Tahiry.

"I know that he's coming home to me so that's all that matters," Kaylin says.

Also in this episode, we find out more about Rashidah. The cameras follow her around as she explains that she was found not guilty for allegedly slicing a bouncer in a club. She steps out of court a free woman.

"I feel free and elated," she says.

Just when we think everything is all great with Rah, it's not as squeaky clean as we think. Yandy and Mandecees are on their way to the movies and Yandy stops by Winter's house to speak to her about her name being in the book.

Rashidah's name is later brought up by Yandy while speaking with Mandeecees and he spills that he "f---ed" Rashidah in the past. He says she kept money he gave her and used it for an apartment.

Yandy meets with Raqi later on, and she tells Yandy again that Rashidah is not good people. At her shoe launch event, Rashidah confronts Yandy after Winter told her that Mandeecees put her name in the dirt earlier in the week. But Yandy is not one for drama.

"No disrespect, but your man is a clown," Rashidah tells Yandy.

Yandy kindly tells her she better go through her and not to her man if she had any future problems.

"I'm a businesswoman," Yandy says and the little argument ends as quickly as it starts.

Meanwhile, Lore'l meets with Winter about the embarrassing book reading.

"That was literately the wackiest thing I ever seen in my entire life,” the rapper admits.

Winter apologizes and tells Lore'l that she'll take her name out the book. Yeah OK, we believe that.

Being that it's holiday season during the taping, Jen is still feeling down about the fact that she can't bring Christmas into her home because Consequence is a devout Muslim and doesn't believe in the Dec. 25 holiday. Her friend Lauren, whom she's out shopping with, comforts her as she cries in the store.

”In a relationship what is important to you, should be important to him,” Lauren tells Jen.

Jen confronts Cons about the whole celebrating holidays situation again.

"Rudolph don’t run my crib," he tells Jen, as her eyes begin tearing up. “It’s not like you’re going to mass. My thing is about God, it’s not about Toys"R"Us got a sale till midnight.”

At this point, all Jen wants is to take her son to her friend Lauren's house for Christmas Day. Will Cons give in or not? We'll have to see next episode.

Until next time.

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