On the Season 3 finale of 'Love & Hip Hop,' Joe Budden breaks it to Kaylin that he might still be in love with Tahiry. “At this point I was ready to pack my bags and leave,” Kaylin says as she's almost in tears during her confessional.

Later on in the episode, Joe says Kaylin is now in his past. “I knew I had to end things with Kaylin,” he states. Now he’s moved on pretty fast and is taking Tahiry for a winter getaway to a cabin -- he wants to soften her up. He’s even asking for sex. Tahiry asks him what he’s learned about relationships since they broke up. “It’s about compromise, you have to consider how other people feel," the rapper admits. "Unhappy woman, unhappy home.” Hmm, we don't believe him but of course, Joe has Tahiry in the palm of his hand.

“It’s freaking me out how much of gentlemen he’s trying to be,” Tahiry tells her friend Rashidah. “How long do you think it’s gonna be before you’re having a little Joe,y Jr.?” Rashidah asks. She has a point. These two are probably stuck together.

In other news, Erica Mena has come out with a lipstick line and at the product’s launch party, Rich Dollaz shows up to confront her about messing with Tiffany and not being open with him about it. When Tiffany enters the venue, tensions begin to rise, Erica Mena slaps her and an intense brawl erupts. The event ends in a pointless fight.

Joe and Raqi reunite briefly and try to squash their rifts. Raqi tells him that apologizing to Tahiry didn’t work. “I wanted you to show growth in you,” he tells Raqi. She starts breaking down. “I don’t think that Raqi is a lost cause,” Joe says. “If she ever truly needs me, I’m a text away.” Wow, what a true friend Joe is. Raqi concludes at the end of the show she’s going to make it big in radio no matter what.

At B. Smith’s restaurant in Harlem, N.Y., Rich sit downs with his mother, Peter Gunz and Olivia. After all the drama they have finally come to terms with each other and laugh off the past year. “Even though we all have issues with each other, which all crew does, it’s cool to know we can just be cool at the end of the day,” Olivia says.

During a sad point in the show, Mandeecees calls Yandy and has an emotional moment while he speaks to their baby boy. “I can’t even explain how much I miss y'all,” Mandeecees says to Yandy as they speak during a very limited time phone call.

Later on, Mona Scott Young speaks with Yandy about Mandeecees being locked up. “It’s probably one of the darkest times of my life,” Yandy admits.

“I want you to be with the person you love,” Mona tells her. “I also want you to be selfish too.”

Yandy concludes that she has no plans on leaving her man’s side no matter what happens.

For Jen and Consequence, the focus is on Jen finally getting her career rolling again. Consequence is ready to back her financially. “As her man, I’m here to facilitate that,” Cons says. Whether it’s a blog, radio show or any of her other aspirations, he’s always going to put his family first.

In the end, Erica is still crying about how things have ended up in her career and relationship with Rich. “It wasn’t fair to Rich,” Erica explains. “I don’t want people to think that I wanted this. And I also didn’t want to lose Rich.” With Rich out of site, no one is going to support her and things have officially gotten real.

This season ends in limbo for Yandy, Mandeecees and Erica. For Joe and Tahiry, they’re back together, but no one knows for how long. Even with their ups and downs, Jen and Cons seem to be looking forward. And Rich and Olivia seem to be back in business.

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