On part two of the ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ reunion, the messiness continues. Jen and Consequence open up about their biggest issue during the show -- their conflicting religious views. Cons repeats that in the Muslim world, the man decides the tone of the house and therefore his first-born has to be Muslim.

“If you knew what it was going in, why did you keep trying?” Mona Scott-Young, the show's creator, asks Jen.

“I still have hope for that one day,” says Jen. She still believes she can convince Cons to have a Christmas Day for her child. But it seems they will continue to have these same arguments every year, as Cons is stubborn.

Raqi and Jen also attempt to discuss what happened during their confrontation earlier in the season when they tried to put together a radio show. As the story goes, before the two women could even get on the air officially, they ended up arguing at a restaurant and Raqi took a shot at Consequence. Jen then took a shot back and said she would still get a job because she was white.

But then somehow during the talk onstage, Rashidah and Raqi begin fighting, as the former said Raqi wasn’t a real Muslim because of her dirty mouth.

As Mona continues reviewing the topic of race on the show, Lore’l remains in disagreement about Consequence’s “light-skinned is the right skin” line on their song that never saw the light of day.

But Consequence defends the lyrics saying one line “doesn’t define who you are as an artist or as a man.” Lore’l says she has fans of all shades and colors and Yandy chimes in, syaing she “felt some type of way” about the line as well.

Tiffany, the part three to the Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz love triangle, comes out and speaks about her relationship with Rich and messing with Erica. But nothing was solved as Erica spoke over Tiffany the whole time. One thing’s for sure, Rich isn’t going to be dating either one of them in the future.

The sad part of the show was the footage of Mendeecees going around the world to try to propose to Yandy and then the meltdown as he found out he would be indicted. Yandy cries through it all but she reassures everyone that he will be coming home. “All you can do is get on your knees and pray and cry,” Yandy states.

The weakest link of the show had to be Consequence, who came up behind Joe and beat him in the head while his back was turned. Before Joe could really get a good hit back, the bodyguards jumped on set. But Tahiry did get one good pop on Cons' head before it was all over.

All in all, the ladies are ready to move forward and Erica is putting out a memoir called, ‘Underneath It All.’ Raqi is going on a tour with a group of female DJs. Lore’l says she has her own label and a new mixtape called ‘Billboard Bytch.’

Jen wants to continue her blog and Rashidah is getting married. Olivia is in the studio finishing her album and Tahiry says she’ll be acting and looking forward to more ‘Love & Hip Hop.’

As chaotic as the season was, we’re looking forward to more as well. But we can use the break.

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