On this episode of 'Love & Hip Hop,' Raqi "tries" to make amends with Tahiry, after Joe Budden tells her he won't do her radio show until she apologizes. But the apology ends in arguing. “You’re one step away from a uni-brow,” Tahiry yells at Raqi as she walks out of the bar. Clearly there will never be love between these two.

Meanwhile, Mandeecees and Yandy break it to his oldest son that they are getting married and his reaction is all smiles.

Rich Dollaz and Tiffany meet up and she breaks down and spills the beans on how she feels.

“I love you to death,” she tells him.

“Are you where you wanna be?” Rich asks her.

“I want you to stop f---in' with Erica… Be on my team,” she demands.

“You’re right,” Rich says.

Knowing Rich, it’s not that easy and he’s not going to drop Erica Mena that quick.

Consequence and Jen are trying to figure out how to communicate better. “I feel like I try to tell you something, you’re hostile,” Jen complains. She has lost 15 pounds in a month. “I can’t live like that.” Cons then makes excuses for his behavior. “A lot of times it is not personal. I just don’t want to hear that s---,” the rapper says. People that test his faith everyday make him angry and make him want to shut off from Jen, he reveals. But they don’t seem to come to any solution.

Joe finally breaks the news to Kaylin that he will hop on a plane and head to the Dominican Republican with Tahiry.

“Why?” Kaylin asks.

“It’s been bothering me for the past view weeks,” Joe tells her as he explains he might still have feelings for her.

“So you’re going to DR with Tahiry -- the woman you went through hell with, to see if there is something still here?” she asks. Kaylin begins a weeping rant. “Before I met you, I was homeless, I didn’t have nothing, you took me in… If it doesn’t work out. Where the f--- do I go?”

But in the end, Joe gets his way and she says she supports the trip because she loves him. She will wait around until he figures it out. “I love you so I’m OK with going our separate ways,” Kaylin states.

When Yandy finds out federal agents are on the hunt for Mandeecees and that he has to be called in for questioning, she can no longer be strong. She hits up Kimbella to talk. “I’m going to be strong and I gotta keep it together for the sake of my family,” Yandy says but it’s clear this is not going to be a walk in the park for her.

In the next scene, Tahiry goes out to spend time with some of the children in D.R., that she raised money for in the last episode. Later on that day, Joe has a candlelit dinner on the beach waiting for her. But whatever he had planned goes absolutely wrong.

“What are you really doing in the Dominican Republic?” Tahiry asks him with her eyebrow raised.

Joe acts tongue-tied when Tahiry brings up the fact that she knows Kaylin isn’t cool with what he’s doing. “I don’t think you ever accepted nor has my dad ever accepted the things you’ve done,” she says. “I’m done with you playing games. I just want you to be real… Maybe you should catch a next flight back home.”

“You’re too volatile,” he tells her. But little does Joe understand that he is the cause of all of this.

Back in New York, Rich’s mother and Olivia sit down with Rich to give him ultimatums -- they will not be involved with him business-wise if he does not dead Eric. Olivia calls him out for sleeping with her, especially after he was messing with Tiffany, who he sent to spy on Erica. “It doesn’t mean I’m falling in love, it just means I’m taking what’s being given,” Rich says.

“This is a major problem. I think you’ve lost your way,” Rich’s mother says scolding him. “She’s using me so I’m using her,” Rich admits. He reassures them that he and Erica are no more. Or so he says.

Tahiry finally meets with her father, Victor to let him know how she’s still harboring pain from watching him be unfaithful to her mother as she grew up. He’s crying, she’s crying. “I haven’t seen you or called you, because I’m angry,” she explains. Her failed relationships with men are affected by not being over the things her father did. “You have to let it go, you have to be free,” her father says, holding her.

Joe never left D.R., and returns to Tahiry again to try and speak with her. “Despite our history, there’s never been anyone quite like Tahiry,” Joe admits. “You won’t let me go. You won’t let me breath,” Tahiry says. “I might be still in love with you,” Joe says finally letting down the wall. When she doesn’t budge ,he expresses some pain of his own. “This is hurtful. The realization I was a horrible boyfriend.” Glad he finally got the wake-up call.

The end of the episode finds Mandeecees heading to the police for questioning. He takes his 7-year-old son to school and lets him know that he may not see him again. As Yandy and Mandeecees drives to the court house he tells her, “I didn’t do nothing.” Yandy believes him but she can only keep it but so strong. “I’ll smile for the boys, mom, I’ll smile for work,” but she says she has to let the tears fall for him.

“His eyes told me this is not the end,” Yandy said before they parted from each other. It’s clear Yandy is willing to stick by her man’s side through thick and thin.

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