Following Joell Ortiz's response to Kendrick Lamar's hip-hop-shattering verse on Big Sean's 'Control,' fellow Slaughterhouse rhymer Joe Budden chimes in with his response song, 'Lost Control (Freestyle).'

According to reports, Budden's track may have been leaked online. Either way, it's now gone viral for everyone to analyze and dissect.

The 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' star drops some heated bars and a couple of zingers at K.Dot for his 'Control' verse in which he mentions that he's "the king of New York, king of the Coast, in one hand, I juggle them both."

On the haunting track, Budden crafts a fine balance of name-dropping emcees and throwing lyrical darts at Lamar. Elsewhere, the New Jersey rhymer seems to be boasting that he's a better rapper than the ones Lamar mentioned on Sean's 'Control.'

"This ain't to Kendrick Lamar, the n---a Kendrick got bars / I heard his s--- and wasn't offended at all," he raps. "And as it played I heard him say I wasn't mentioned with y'all / Joell started it, only right I finish the job."

He then adds, "So all that s--- is revocable, from an overview / Only thing noticeable is how he barely gave me any quotables / I state facts, not to say it's wack but check the playback / Out-rhyming A$AP ain't showing me where your weight at."

However, some of Budden's punchlines where he mentions other emcee's names may have rubbed a few the wrong way, in particular, Joey Bada$$.

In one line Budden raps, "Some of these OG's I laugh at / Y'all don't know me to half a-- / To me it's just one Joey that's bad ass."

The Pro Era member responded to the Budden's line on Twitter with this tweet:

In the end, Budden's song is about spitting bars, no subliminals necessary.

"This is lightweight, put the bucks up / 'Cause if we talking bars lot of y'all should shut the f--- up / This is lightweight, put the bucks up / If we talking bars lot of y'all should shut the f--- up," he spits.

What do you think? Did Joe Budden bring the lyrical heat to Kendrick Lamar? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Joe Budden's Song 'Lost Control (Freestyle)'

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