'Love & Hip Hop' Recap
On the Season 3 finale of 'Love & Hip Hop,' Joe Budden breaks it to Kaylin that he might still be in love with Tahiry. “At this point I was ready to pack my bags and leave,” Kaylin says as she's almost in tears during her confessional.
Fight Explained
This week, rappers Joe Budden and Consequence made headlines with their infamous brawls during the taping of the 'Love & Hip Hop' reunion special in New York. Cons made the first move by sucker-punching Budden during a break in taping. Tahiry was caught in the middle and apparently…
Rap Brawl
Everybody loves the realness on VH1's reality series 'Love & Hip Hop.' But things got extremely real at the reunion taping today (March 12). Apparently, Consequence and Joe Budden threw punches on the set.
New Song
Tahiry is putting her ex, Joe Budden on blast, musically that is. The 'Love & Hip Hop' star and urban model debuts her new single 'Devil,' inspired by the 'No Love Lost' rapper.