Last week, on 'Love & Hip Hop,' Jen the Pen and Raqi decide to collaborate on a radio show. Monday night's episode follows the women as they bump heads rather than unite  on the mic.

Their big audition for arrives and Raqi invites rapper Vado for an interview during their show pilot. Jen thinks Raqi is being too flirtatious with him and not giving her enough weight in the conversation. These two are clashing from the jump.

Meanwhile, Joe and Tahiry's friendship seems to be moving. She's cooking dinner for him, and once again folks are wondering where his little girlfriend is. While Tahiry is at dinner with Rashidah and Winter Ramos, they warn her again about getting too close to Joe. But Tahiry's really trying to get her music career going and Joe is her one legitimate connect.

Later in the show, she meets him at a studio and they begin to be very touchy-feely. She plays a track for the rapper called 'Devil,' which she recorded -- the song was inspired by him. Now he wants to lay down a response verse on the track.

Erica has finally calmed down and got her head back on straight. She apologizes to Yandy and they're back on good terms. After a series of outbursts on every show, she actually gets in the studio this episode and records a song; a ballad at that.

At first Rich is against it. “Cmon girl you gon' have me looking so crazy out in these streets,” he says to her. He lets her have her way just this time. Erica gets in the booth (and after all the layers of effects put on her vocals) she sounds bearable to listen to. She also wants to sing the song live. This should be interesting to watch.

There's trouble in the land of Mandeecees and Yandy though. The two are having a family photo shoot with their baby Ahmir. Everything's going well until Yandy's mother walks in. Mandeecees isn't happy that her "mova" is there or he would have invited his!

Yandy's mother reveals that she's moving to New Jersey and her daughter plans on moving too. This is all a shock to Mandeecees, which leads to an argument. "Why you acting stupid?" he asks Yandy. She denies trying to hide things and cops out of responsibility, saying those decisions are for husband and wife and they're "just boyfriend and girlfriend."

Later in the episode, she makes it up to him by setting up a romantic evening at a hotel where they have dinner on a rooftop. "Do you remember this hotel?" According to Yandy, the location was the first one they stayed at. "You know why I don't remember?" says Mandeecees. "'Cause I probably ain't get none that night." Later in the evening, Yandy surprises him with a sexy and risque video just for him. "Damn, that's crazy!" he says as he gazes at the screen. Mandeecees seems pleased and Yandy shows once again why she's boss.

Episode 5 ends with a heated argument between Raqi and Jen. While they're meeting for dinner to discuss what happened at the audition, the talk turns into a shouting match. Of course they agree to disagree but not without throwing insults at each other.

Raqi says Jen's "baby daddy" Consequence is a creeper and that he once tried to get at her. "I can show you the texts!" Raqi yells as Jen walks out of Harlem Tavern. Raqi then tells Jen she won't ever get a show without her. Jen responds to Raqi with a bigger blow. "I'm white, it will get done!" Jen held no punches with that one.

Until next time.

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