This week on 'Love & Hip Hop' Season 3, Episode 4, the show begins with Jen seeking Raqi for advice on raising her son with Consequence.

Raqi is Muslim and Jen hopes she can bring her clarity on her issues with Consequence. When Raqi tells her that her own parents divorced over conflicts dealing with their faiths, tears start pouring down Jen's eyes. Can we get a count of the times Jen has cried on this show? Later on, Jen gets her way. Cons’ friend Bilal, a head Muslim, tells them they need to work on finding even ground and also suggests they get married.

Next, Joe Budden and Tahiry are meeting in the Lord’s house. She tries to convince Joe to go to a therapist. “You’re imposing your will upon me,” Joe says in defense. He refuses to go talk to a stranger about his problems, which include past drug use.

Tahiry later pops up at Joe’s house and surprises him with a drug test. “If you don’t do this you need to stop looking for me for support,” Tahiry demands. She hands him the piss cup and he passes the test with flying colors. Of course, Joe wants something in return. "You still cook?" he asks her. He wants a meal of steak, rice and beans. But what most folks are still wondering is where his girlfriend Kaylin?

On Olivia’s side of the world, she tells Rich straight up that he needs to keep his personal life personal and keep her business, strictly business. Because clearly he’s messing up trying to do favors for Erica.

Things aren’t looking too good for Yandy and Mandeecees’ baby boy. He needs surgery for a kidney problem. Yandy leans on Mandeecees shoulder and cries when she hears the news from the doctor. Mandeecees, for once, shows some sign of being a real supportive man to Yandy.

However, we’re still questioning whether Yandy could be doing better. After the successful surgery, the two begin flirting with the idea of getting married. “I want a ring,” Yandy tells Mandee. In his monotone voice he agrees. Does this man get excited ever? And will these two be engaged by the end of the show? We’ll see.

Now here goes the boiling pot part of the show. Rasheeda, Raqi, Tahiry and Jen go out for drinks. Tahiry and Jen haven’t seen each other since Joe’s pool party. Of course, Raqi and Tahiry start a shouting match because if they didn't it wouldn't make the scene worth watching. Rasheeda starts throwing bombs at Raqi. “We all know you as industry p----,“ she tells Raqi, who then walks out.

Later on, Jen goes to check on Raq to make sure she's OK. Feeling warm to Jen, after she had her back in the incident, Raqi tells Jen about a new radio project she wants her to join. And it looks like a green light, as long as Consequence lets her start working again. Side-eye to that one.

The final scene of the show comes with drama wrapped up in a weak cloth named Erica. Rich is mad because he booked studio time for Erica and the producer who was supposed to work the session is a no-show. When Erica shows up, Rich says she once again messed up an opportunity after he finds out she dissed the producer in the club. Erica bounces and claims it’s his fault for waiting until the last minute and not doing good business. “I go hard. I do everything possible to perfect my craft,” Erica claims. “Enjoy your career,” Rich tells her. We all know they’ll make up.

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