With Twitter, Instagram and more recently, Facebook, hashtags have become just as common as "BRB" and "LOL" in web-speak. But like many things that are born on the internet, people try to use them offline. To further prove this point, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have filmed a conversation that's composed of the pound sign that hardly any of us ever pressed on the phone.

"Here I brought you some cookies. Hashtag homemade. Hashtag oatmeal raisin. Hashtag show me the cookie!" JT blurted out while making sure to cross his fingers into a pound sign shape to emphasize the fact.

"Sweet! Hashtag don't mind if I don't," Jimmy responds. He continues with, "These are really good. Hashtag get my cookie on. Hashtag I'm the real Cookie Monster. Hashtag nom nom nom!"

The conversation continues into various topics including going to the dentist and Halloween costumes and even includes lyrics from Missy Elliott, Miley Cyrus and Too $hort. As the two start riffing on Missy's 'Work It,' Questlove walks in and tells them to #STFU.

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