We've seen fans do some crazy things to show their devotion to their favorite stars. But hardly do we ever see journalists go that route. While some are good at hiding their fandom when interviewing celebs, others fail to hide their emotions in front of the camera.

Meet Sabrina Sato, a Brazilian model-turned-entertainment reporter. Assigned to interview Justin Timberlake, Sato decided to not only learn how to speak English for the face-to-face interview but also come with a present -- a mold of her butt. Flesh-toned and autographed, we're as surprised and mortified as JT was when he opened the box, which you can see around the 4:50-mark.

And if you're adventurous enough to watch the entire video from beginning to end, you'll be thoroughly entertained. Although it's pretty obvious that she struggled with her English during the talk, the funniest part about the video is her attempts at trying to flirt with the 'TKO' singer and the failed attempts of trying to keep her own composure.

JT does his best to stay calm during the interview, but mid-way through he does break down and laughs. Be prepared to laugh and cringe at the awkward moments.

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