Too Short

Too $hort isn't heading back to the slammer. The rapper made a plea deal for his DUI arrest in March.
Too $hort x Gaga
Lady Gaga revealed that she will have Too $hort on her upcoming album at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Now, the Bay Area legend is speaking on the collabo.
'Makin' Papers'
EDM producer DJ Chuckie enlists his famous buddies from the rap world to pull off the biggest money caper in his new video for 'Makin' Papers.'
Worst Rappers
There are plenty of wack rappers in the rap game but GQ magazine decided to highlight 25 of the Worst Rappers of All Time.
New Song
Kid Cudi confirms it’s basically awesome to be him because he’s surrounded by “pretty girls” everywhere he goes.
Caught on Video
Well, this is quite embarrassing. Too $hort's arrest has been captured on video. The clip shows the veteran rapper unsuccessfully trying to flee from police.
Haven't rappers learned anything from each other when it comes to the police? Countless times stories are reported about unfavorable run-ins between hip-hop and the law. Sometimes the cops are wrong, other times, the culprit is the artist. This time it's Too $hort.