Legendary singer Charlie Wilson gives Kanye West's 'Bound 2' a soulful touch and now, Yeezus is set to return the favor by producing a new record for him.

"Uncle Charlie," as fans affectionately know him as, shared the news with MTV about having 'Ye helm his new record. "Kanye and myself, we started already -- Kanye is starting on a new record for me," the Gap frontman said. "Kanye is one of the greatest rapper-producers that we have. He's a little controversial, yeah, but he's still a genius at that in the studio. He wants to produce me, so we'll see how that goes."

The crooner has been in high demand and shares that 'Ye's been chasing him for some time. "He's been asking for a while and I've just been busy. Real busy." Wilson has also been courting offers from other big names, revealing, "I know Pharrell wants to get in. And Justin Timberlake.

Wilson wouldn't divulge further details, but shared that the record should drop next year. Until then, he just enjoys being in the studio with 'Ye. "I love going in the studio. I like Kanye in the studio. He's very, very understandable about the music. When he wants to write something, put his finger on the pulse, he really do know how to do that. Now, when he don't want to do that -- don't want to have radio records -- he don't do that either. Me, I'll always love to have radio records."

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