Jay-Z is one of the most quiet rappers on social media. Following zero people on Twitter, the rapper had a mere 46 tweets this weekend. Today, Hov began a string of tweets, randomly replying to fans.

The chatty rapper made small talk with fans and answered their questions. "If Jesus loves me, JayZ will respond to my tweet" shared a fan to which Jay responded, "Jesus loves you..and Hova and Yesus."

Fans were confused by the interactions. "Jay Z is responding to the most random tweets right now" mused one to which Jay answered "[word. my laugh]."

He continued using "My Laugh," a reference to his laugh often heard on his songs, which quickly became a hashtag by others on Twitter.

The emcee recently released 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' and essentially crashed the Internet, so his newfound love of Twitter may be related to that.