Jay-Z celebrates the 4th of July with a bang! The rap mogul dropped his 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' album for the first 1 million Samsung Galaxy users who downloaded the MCHG app.

Unfortunately, at midnight, thousands of Samsung users weren't able to access the album.

"Woah. We broke the Internet. "#MagnaCarta Holy Grail" is almost here," tweeted a rep. "JAY Z's "#MagnaCarta Holy Grail" is on its way to your #Galaxy. Thanks for sticking with us."

Eventually, fans were able to get the album and within minutes, copies of the LP were available for illegal file sharing and streaming on various websites.

It's safe to say, that over 1 million users now have Hov's album bumping on their computers.

Initial reactions to the album have been overwhelmingly positive.

"Kanye named his album Yeezus but everyone prays to Jay-Z. Maybe Ye's album was a sacrifice necessary for us to receive Jay-Zs masterpiece…," wrote one fan.

Another listener tweeted, "Hov just showed all these rappers that he really is THE GOAT #noquestionsasked," while another commented, Jay Z album did not fail."

Many fans are raving over the LP's first track, the Justin Timberlake-assisted 'Holy Grail,' which features a Nirvana sample that Courtney Love signed off on.

Jay-Z also takes aim at the haters rapping, "Blue told me to remind you n----s / F--- that s--- y’all talking about / I'm the n----."

On 'Somewhere in America,' Jay-Z addresses Billboard's stance on not counting his 1 million pre-sold orders.

"By the way, f--- your math / You ain't gotta count it my n----, I can add / 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 20 million / Oh, I'm so good at math / Might crash ya Internet / And I ain't even into that," he raps.

Forget 'Yeezus' season, it looks like this summer it's all about Jay-Z.