Jay Z the Entrepreneur is still in full effect, and he's coming to takeover the holiday season. He's teaming up with Barneys New York for the high-end retailer's Christmastime offerings.

The collaboration will be called 'A New York Holiday' and be featured in store sections entitled BNY SCC Gallery -- Barneys New York Shawn Corey Carter Gallery. The collection will be featured in San Francisco, New York, Beverly Hills, Boston and Chicago.

Clothing brands that will be featured in the BNY SCC Gallery include Balenciaga, Moncler and Balmain. If the names didn't tip you off, the collection will be pretty pricey. Huffington Post estimates that the prices will range from $70 to $3,300. A ring, scarf, backpack and more are included.

"With this project, Barneys New York and I were able to take the slickness, energy and innovation of New York City and translate that into quality, timeless pieces," Jay Z said to WWD about the project.

Barneys CEO Mark Lee thinks the collaboration makes sense because of Jay Z's significance to New York culture.

"If you close your eyes and think about who best represents New York and stands for the city, you can't help but think about Shawn Carter," he shares.

The project will officially launch on Nov. 20. Twenty-five percent of the profits will go toward the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, an organization founded by Jay Z, which focuses on giving those with socio-economic battles a chance at a higher institution education.

Check out some photos of the collection below.

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