Jemima Kirke was on the set of Jay Z's 'Picasso Baby' performance piece, and afterward, Vogue asked if she knew the rapper personally. "No, I know who he is, but I don’t know him," Kirke said. "But I did take the opportunity to give him a hug because when am I going to do that again?" Turns out you can't outright hug Hov because the gesture got the 'Girls' actor kicked off the set.

According to the NY Daily News, one witness said Kirke "was acting totally nuts. She kept jumping on his back like a little monkey." The security staff had to peel her off, and as the actress was being removed from the gallery, she screamed, "Let us finish!" Jay Z, being the professional that he is, kept rapping the whole time.

This isn't Kirke's first outburst during an art performance either. In Marina Abramovic's famed 'The Artist Is Present' exhibition, Kirke was photographed crying during the performance. This performance consisted of Abramovic simply staring at the audience. So Kirke's character on 'Girls' and the actress herself seems to be quite similar in their quirkiness.

'Girls' co-star Adam Driver, whose character is more unhinged than Kirke's, kept his cool throughout Jay Z's performance.

The Brooklyn-born rhymer premiered his 'Picasso Baby' piece last Friday on HBO.