Rapper Jay Z finally debuts his short film for his fine-arts hit 'Picasso Baby.' It's an exhilarating and fun clip taken from Hov's six-hour performance of the song at New York's Pace Gallery last month.

Directed by Mark Romanek, the 10-minute film was inspired by the critically acclaimed film, 'Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present.'

The piece featured Jay interacting with fans, celebrities and performance artists alike in an intimate space. There are plenty of great moments in the piece, including Hov going eye-to-eye with his muse, Marina Abramovic, herself.

"It was really fun and exciting," Jay Z told Bill Maher on his talk show before premiering the film. "[Gallery owner] Jeanne Greenberg-Rohaytn helped us assemble a guest list of people from the art world that we hoped would have a lot of variety. We set it up as much as we could as if it were an art event -- the invitations and the posters and the text on the wall."

Clearly, everyone had a great time watching Jay Z at his best.

"You make yourself art, that's amazing," said one enthusiastic fan after his performance.

Oh, what a feeling!