It's been six years since we've heard from Glenn Lewis, but the Canadian crooner is back with a new LP, 'Moment of Truth,' set to release on Oct. 15. And he's just released a new single off the album, "All My Love,' a duet he did with Melanie Fiona.

Unlike other duets where the male and female vocalists sing their feelings for each other, this is more of a conversation directed toward the perfect significant other. The mid-tempo track shows off Lewis and Fiona's voices nicely and proves why this was a perfect musical match.

"See if I was your boyfriend / And your boyfriend was me / It would be so secure / He would have to compete / I'm just that fly / That he thinks that you'll leave / As pretty as you are, you deserve finer things," Lewis croons in hopes of getting his girl.

"If I was your girlfriend / And your girlfriend was me / You won't want no others / 'Cause I'd be all you need," Fiona sings to her dream guy.

This is the first time the two have collaborated in the studio, but Fiona admits that she hopes there will be more to come in a behind-the-scenes video documenting the recording of the track. "First, because there will be many more if I have anything to do about it," Fiona shares.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Look at Recording 'All My Love'

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