Glenn Lewis is a man of his word on his new song, 'Can't Say Love.' The singer wants to let his lady know that he won't say anything he doesn't mean.

"See I can't tell someone, something I don't feel / To open up it's got to be real / Can't say love not without you / No not that word. Not without you," he croons.

On the acoustic vibe, he delivers fluttery melodies as he proudly professes his love for one woman.

It's been over a decade since Lewis had an official release. The Canadian-born singer released his debut LP, 'World Outside My Window,' in 2002. The effort reached No. 2 on the Billboard R&B charts and No. 4 on the Billboard Albums charts.

His follow-up album, 'Moment of Truth,' will be released through EMI/Ruffhouse Records on Aug. 20.

Listen to Glenn Lewis' 'Can't Say Love'

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