Fat Joe is currently sitting in a jail cell, serving a four-month sentence for tax evasion charges. But before he went inside, the veteran rhyme-slinger released his farewell gift, 'The Darkside 3' mixtape.

On the 10-song project, Joey Crack reflects on his legendary status from street hustler to now hustling the rap game. The Bronx rhymer's entire mixtape feels and breathes New York hip-hop.

On 'The Intro,' Joe raps about his street connections over haunting production courtesy of Streetrunner. He continues his reflections of the street life on the equally moving 'MGM Grand.'

Then Joe goes to the dark side on the stirring 'Pain.' On it, the Terror Squad leader narrates a tale of life and death that hustlers face on the streets. "Where you think this scar came from, n---- / We've been mobbing since day one, n---- / When the cops rush, n---s had to run, stash the crack in the pay phone, n----," he spits.

Elsewhere, the fantastic 'Your Honor' (featuring Action Bronson) boasts DJ Premiere's signature boom-bap beats and turntable scratching. The song will keep listeners' heads nodding long after it finishes.

On '9th Wonder,' Joe reflects on simpler times hanging out on the Bronx streets in the early '90s. Producer 9th Wonder blessed the New York native with a beautiful soul-sampled production.

Another standout banger is 'The Cypher,' which is produced by fellow D.I.T.C. member Diamond D. Over stirring violins and a crackling beat, Joe introduces rap newbie Nick Shades, who spits rapid-fire rhymes on the track.

"First of all, I want to thank my connect / For putting me on game and alway being on deck / Young Cuban, so I had to get the link on my neck / Then I link the homie Crack to make this money manifest," he spits.

Fat Joe also sounds lyrically sharp on the certified street banger 'Bass,' which is produced by Cool and Dre. Over a concrete-breaking beat, Joe spits crazy bars about getting money by any means necessary.

"I hate when n----s tell their stories talking when they use to have it / Me, I got to get it, I got a get money habit," he raps.

Joe ends the mixtape on a spiritual note with the Young Hype-blessed 'Angels' as he reflects on his life from street hustler to rap veteran to being a doting dad to his young daughter.

'The Darkside 3' is a stellar mixtape that should keep heads ringing until the Bronx bomber finishes his bid in prison.

Stay strong, Fat Joe!



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