Veteran rhyme-slinger Fat Joe reveals that he and the late Notorious B.I.G. were planning to record a collaborative album before his untimely death.

During his interview with Power 105's The Breakfast Club, Joe recalls his friendship with B.I.G. and how their camaraderie led them to record four songs together for a duets album.

"Me and Biggie was supposed to do an album together when he had beef with Tupac [Shakur] and all of them," he recalls.

"First of all, I gave Biggie Smalls his first show ever in life," he added. "I used to own the Fever and I took him there and the promoter gave him his first show."

When Joe left Relativity Records, the rapper was a free agent and was looking for a new label home. That's when Biggie came up with the idea of a BX + BK collaborative project.

"Yo, check this out, you're the Puerto Rican Don and I'm the Black Don, we should [do this]," said Joe. "And [Diddy] was like if you want to do it B.I.G., let's do it."

Unfortunately, the collaborative album never came to fruition because Joe received a lucrative deal from Atlantic Records to start his own record label.

Can you imagine a Joey Crack and Biggie collaborative project? It could have been a legendary album.

Meanwhile, Fat Joe is headed to jail on Aug. 26 to serve his fourth-month prison sentence on tax evasion charges.

The 'Love Me Long Time' emcee is not thrilled about his upcoming jail stint, but understands that he must own up to his responsibilities.

We wish Fat Joe well. Stay strong!

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