Fat Joe may be starting his prison sentence for tax evasion soon. However, in his new video, 'Love Me Long Time,' it seems like we fast forward to the point where he's just about to get out of jail and will be coming home to a surprise.

Directed by Eif Rivera, the video starts with Joe Crack in the courtroom, being informed that he is free to go home. While he was happy to get back to his special lady again, he finds out that she's been cheating on him during his time in jail.

Throughout the clip, we mostly see Joe and Future, who's featured on the track, performing in a big room -- probably somewhere inside Joe's home in the video.

Other scenes cut to his girlfriend enjoying time with her new man. Ultimately, we're not too surprised with the ending when she struts out like it was her choice and Joe tosses her stuff out the door. But it does make the visual and track seem like it has a bit of closure considering the circumstances.