Fat Joe is back with a new single featuring the Auto-Tune singing rapper Future. The trap ballad, 'Love Me Long Time,' features the Bronx rapper fed up with his woman being so damn selfish.

Over a booming beat, stirring synths and orchestral strings, Joey Crack runs down how he showers his lady with jewelry and money only to realize that she doesn't truly loved him.

"Gave you keys to that drop / A 100 G's just to shop / Bal Harbour to the harbor / Diving off them yachts," he raps. "I got you used to that winnin' / I got use to them women / Now you beefin', say you leavin' / Never dream of this endin'."

Future provides the sorrowful and irritating chorus of a man whose heart has been broken.

"Even my mama said you wasn't going to love me from the beginning / 'Cause I wasn't winnin' / I didn't listen / Could you love me for me?" he warbles.

If you are feeling the song, you can cop it on iTunes.

In the meantime, Fat Joe is working on his 11th studio effort, tentatively titled 'The Darkside Vol. 3.'

Listen to Fat Joe's 'Love Me Long Time' Feat. Future

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