If you need some sagely advice from a worldly guy who has mastered the keys of success then look no further than DJ Khaled. The Miami producer is famous for his words of wisdom even when he’s lost at sea.

Inspired by Khaled’s recent Snapchat story where he was doling out advice while lost at sea on his jet ski, product designer George Kedenburg created a website called theydontwant youto.win, where you can listen to the We the Best creator’s “Keys to Success.”

Just hit the “Another One” button and listen to Khaled’s funny but sagely tips on food, life, gardening, women and business.

Some of the Khaled-isms that pop up include:

"The key to success is to have a hammock."

"We have to get money. We have no choice. It cost money to eat."

"It's important to shape up your hedges. It's like getting a haircut."

"When you stop making excuses and your work hard and go hard you will be very successful."

"The key is to not drive your jet ski in the dark."

"Almond milk, Cinnamon Toast Crunch equals major key to success."

"The key is: to never fold."

If you are bored at your office job, DJ Khaled's advice generator will brighten up your day.

Check out theydontwantyouto.win and get all of the 🔑s to help you open the door to success. Another one.

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