In what has to be one of the most epic, over-the-top delay announcements ever, DJ Khaled reveals the release date of 'Suffering From Success' is now Oct. 22.

The video features DJ Khaled sitting in the back of what looks like a high-end vehicle (because he's suffering from success, see?), telling the viewers how necessary the album delay is.

“I moved the date back because it got greater,” Khaled says. “I told you I’m working on the biggest masterpiece ever. I just recorded something so crazy that it’s going to have the whole streets erupt, earthquake-style. Shit got even realer. This s---'s serious.”

The biggest masterpiece? Ever? The ambition weighing down on him will have an artist suffering (he's really selling the album title). Even though there's a 99 percent chance that statement is mostly just the hype talking, hopefully it's at least more truthful than his marriage proposal-publicity stunt to Nicki Minaj.

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