'I Wanna Be With You,' the latest single off The Biggest Masterpiece Ever (a.k.a DJ Khaled's upcoming album, 'Suffering From Success'), was hyped up by his famous marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj. Ironically, the setting to the single's video is far from matrimonial. Khaled, Minaj, Rick Ross and Future all hit the club in the Colin Tilley-directed clip.

Nicki Minaj's scenes switch between her wearing all-white then to a black number, rapping in front of Khaled and Future. In what is perhaps an unintentional meta-reference, the camera switches to a close-up shot of Khaled right after Minaj drops her "N----s be fallin' in love with this p----" line.

A hooded-up Future croons inside of the club, while elsewhere, Rick Ross raps in a lit-up room of mirrors. DJ Khaled plays DJ Khaled in the clip, which means he doesn't do much of anything beside shout out "Suffering from success."

The crew manages to bring their Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Speaker and Reebok Kamikazes to the club, which must be important since the camera makes a point to zoom in close on the two items.

Unless DJ Khaled is planning on making the album any bigger, 'Suffering From Success' will drop Oct. 22.

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