DJ Khaled is always having a good time on his social media accounts. Whether it's shooting hoops, hitting the treadmill or just balling in general, the Miami producer is always doling out life advice too. On Monday night (Dec. 14), some of those life lessons came to fruition when things got a bit scary for Khaled while he was lost at sea on his jet ski. And he recorded the whole nightmarish journey for his fans to see via his Snapchat app.

Over a series of snaps collected in the YouTube video above, the We the Best honcho always keeps his cool as he gets more and more lost in the Miami waters. While trying to find his way back, Khaled is offering up certain "keys" to life with a key emoji included of course. The keys start out as always being real but towards the end, a chuckling Khaled gives up his final life key of "Don't take your jet ski out at night."

Through the course of his snaps, it gets really dark and Khaled isn't near any other boats or land as far as we can tell. The only thing we can see is Khaled's face from the light being flashed from his smartphone. Couldn't he call 911?

Luckily, the "Hold You Down" creator seemingly makes it home at the end, to keep on delivering us more hits and inspiration via Snaps.

On Tuesday (Dec. 15), Khaled went on Instagram to show fans that he's not scare to go back out into the Miami waters on his jet ski. "I jump in the ocean because the salt water is the healing of life," he says. "It cleanses you off. It protects you from all bumbaclot evil people."

Whatever you say, DJ Khaled.

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