Cee Lo Green has been a bit of an oddball forever. Even when starting off in the 1990s, as a part of the Dungeon Family, Cee Lo always stood out. His cadence while rhyming was different but his appearance eventually grew to be more than just sweatsuits and denim.

Piece by piece, Cee Lo began to experiment. Initially, it may have been a pair of shades or some other accessory but after he joined up with Danger Mouse to form Gnarls Barkley in 2006, all bets were off and the rapper-crooner turned up with the experimentation. Funky wigs and silly accessories were his thing then. But in 2010? Cee Lo debuted his solo career and pressed against the margins in usual fashion, this time pushing boundaries more than ever.

While performing at the 2011 Grammy Awards, he hit the apex of crazy wardrobe choices for his 'F--- You' set. Cee Lo graced the stage in a fluffy red suit, with multi-colored feathers that fanned out behind him. He accessorized with a pair of white shades, a glittery skull cap and a brass chest plate. As far as outrageous costumes go, Cee Lo's Big Bird-Spartacus hybrid takes the cake.

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