As the YouTube view count on the music video for 'Leggo' indicates, B. Smyth is taking off. Racking up close to one million hits in a month is no small feat, especially when it's B's first single. Oh, and he's 19. While a 2 Chainz guest spot has no doubt aided the video's popularity, one view is all that's necessary to realize the talent possessed by this young song-and-dance man. Recently, got a chance to pick B. Smyth's brain about his hot new video, his inspirations and his goals for the future.

Signing to Motown a year ago, the Florida native quickly realized the perks of having a well-respected label behind him when selecting a song to be his first single. "After we did 'Leggo,' we knew that it was real high-energy, so we wanted a rapper on it," Smyth tells "Motown came to me and asked me who some of my favorite rappers are in the industry right now, and of course I said 2 Chainz. They were like, ‘Oh, he’s right across the hall.’ Def Jam and Motown are sister labels, it wasn’t hard to get him.”

Smyth didn't get a chance to meet the 'Based on a T.R.U. Story' creator before the video shoot, and was worried that a rushed, on-set meeting would be awkward, but that was not the case. "He's a real cool dude," Smyth states.

'Leggo' is the first single off of B. Smyth's upcoming debut album, due this summer. Though details on the title, tracklist, producers and guests are still murky at this point, Smyth was kind enough to give us some clues on what to expect. “I’ve been in the studio with a lot of different producers," he reveals. "I’ve had songs from Swizz Beatz, Kevin McCall, Tank, Tha Bizness and No I.D.” If that's not enough to get your mouth watering, the two guests Smyth named as potentials are industry heavy-hitters Future and Kendrick Lamar. As far as specific songs, Smyth could only name one: 'Snapback,' which he said is a "fun song" that is "more mid-tempo” than 'Leggo.'

With 'Leggo' getting radio play in places as far-flung as Dubai, B. Smyth seems poised to blow up. It's funny to think that just over a year ago, Smyth was a high school senior covering songs by Frank Ocean and Miguel on YouTube. He recently got the opportunity to tour with Trey Songz and Miguel, which was very special. “It was crazy because that song that I covered from Miguel ['Sure Thing'] is the song that really got me signed, so the fact that I got to share the stage with him was really surreal,” Smyth explains.

Despite the crazy, year-long ride B. Smyth has had, he has no plans of stopping now. In 2013, he hopes to tour overseas and nab the Best New Artist Grammy. Looking further, his goals include collaborating with Beyonce, putting out platinum records and being "able to touch the world, not just a certain type of person, but everyone.”

Watch B. Smyth's 'Leggo' Video Feat. 2 Chainz