Before R. Kelly became a sensual R&B icon, he collaborated with R&B group Public Announcement for his 1992 debut album 'Born Into the '90s.' The album contained R. Kelly's first hit, 'She Got That Vibe,' one of the better songs of the New Jack Swing era.

The 21-year-old singer B. Smyth interpolates that song's memorable hook into 'Vibe,' a song off his forthcoming EP, 'B. Smyth Presents: The Florida Files.' Smyth strips away the original's party atmosphere for a slower song, which fits the accompanying video's concept.

Smyth dances around in some Jordans inside a room, but the clip has to showcase more than just his dance moves since this is a romantic track. At one point, lighted images of female crushes appear as Smyth sings their names. There's also a few switches to a VHS effect, blurs and the also necessary sensual stares at the camera.

It's a change from the original 'She Got That Vibe' video, which features synchronized choreography and real, in-the-flesh female appearances. Two similarities are the single shots of the women as the singers call their names and, of course, those stares at the camera.

'B. Smyth Presents: The Florida Files,' featuring the Future-assisted 'Win Win,' arrives next month.

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