2 Chainz definitely can't be happy about this. "The Birthday Song" rapper is being sued for $5 million because he called a young woman a "thot."

According to TMZ, Christine Chisholm claims that she was at a 2 Chainz show and was invited backstage by one fellow rapper Cap 1 in March. In the video, Deuce repeatedly disrespected Chisholm by referring to her as a "thot." If you didn't know what the terms stands for, it's "that ho over there."

The video eventually went viral and Chisholm claims that her reputation took a huge hit because of 2 Chainz's remarks. Two weeks after the video was posted, she lost her job at the barbershop she worked at because the manager thought it would bring negative attention to his place of business.

In addition, Chisholm says that she has been subjected to various forms of public harassment, abuse and has witnessed her reputation go downhill since the unfortunate incident. Now, she's coming after 2 Chainz in hopes that he can cough up $5 million.

The rapper, who has teamed up with GQ for his "Most Expensivest S---" series, has been known to ball out with little to no regard. As a result, Chisholm likely saw how he's been living and $5 milli is chump change to him.

Watch 2 Chainz put Chisholm on blast above.

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