Well, this is awkward. Ashanti, who is a correspondent for Fuse TV, interviewed her ex-boo Nelly. WTF?

Of course, the pair broke up a few years ago and are on good terms so this shouldn't be too uncomfortable for them, right?

During their 'Artist to Artist' interview, 'Shanti asks the St. Louis rhymer a few questions on how hip-hop has evolved from when he started to now. Nelly cites the digital age and social media being the biggest change for the genre.

Oddly, the R&B songbird then followed up with a question about Nelly's collaboration with Chris Brown on 'Merry Go Round,' which was released last year. This made us scratch our heads and wonder why she didn't ask him about his latest single, 'Hey, Porsche.' Hmmm? Did Fuse TV dump an old interview on us?

Ashanti then asks the 'Hot in Herre' rapper what he looks for in a woman, which seems like a weird topic to bring up since he once dated her. But Nelly gives an answer that we can't help but giggle at. "A nice set of thighs helps," he tells her. Oh behave, Nelly.

Finally, Nelly offers one quick tidbit of what he would have told himself back in 2000, when he first started blowing up with his chart-topping single, 'Country Grammar.'

"What I would tell myself [back] then is that appreciate what you are about to accomplish a little bit more while you doing it," he says. "Because it goes so fast and you never really soak that up…[until you look back]."

Overall, an entertaining and not so awkward moment between the two former lovebirds.

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