On Saturday (Sept. 28), Nelly graced the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards red carpet beaming, donning bright yellow to reflect his mood. The St. Louis rapper has every reason to smile because his new album,' M.O.,' is now in stores.

The 'Real Husbands of Hollywood' star doesn't hesitate when asked about the biggest event he's looking forward to before the year turns over. "Before the year's over? S---, my album dropping...!" he tells TheDrop.fm, laughing. "That's the biggest thing for me right now and I feel really honored and privileged to be dropping my seventh album."

"This is 14, 15 years...," he adds. "Any time you spend 14, 15 years in any career you should be thankful for that and I am, so we gonna try and keep it moving. It's a big album for me."

He divulges a few details on the new LP, saying, "I think it'll bring back a vibe, an energy of bringing something new to the game. Kinda like when I first came out. I brought a sound that maybe wasn't in at the time. And I think that's what we're doing here with this."

Nelly explains how this project has a "different sound." "Like on the song 'Get Like Me' with myself, Nicki Minaj and Pharrell. We got songs like 'Rick James' and 'IDGAF' featuring T.I. and Pharrell. And we have the song with Nelly Furtado and Future, 2 Chainz. It's just a different energy, man. It's great! And I think people are really gonna go crazy."

So we can assume that 'M.O.' is bigger than repping for the Midwest as Nelly did on his debut? "Oh yeah, obviously, the Midwest is noticed," says the head of the St. Lunatics, who also appear on the album. "We're noticed. But the thing about it is that we wanna continuously put out talent from that area, you know what I'm saying. 'Cause we got a gang of it. But we'll make it right."

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