'Trap Lord,' the debut album from A$AP Ferg, inherently has a religious undertone, but two of the album's three previously released singles aren't really odes to spiritual transcendence.

'Work' is more for the hustler while the beat on 'Shabba' has a bounce that's way too infectious to inspire any sort of meditation.

'Hood Pope,' the latest single, can be described as spiritual as A$AP Ferg fluidly switches from sing-song to rapping -- as well as somehow combines two in certain instances -- giving the track a therapeutic feel. There's a reference to prayer in the second verse where a mother prays as her son dies, but a quick listen to the hook -- "It's the hood pope, chain hang low, red rubies and the gold" -- reveals hustle is a part of A$AP Ferg's religion. Hustling is what a Trap Lord does.

For A$AP Ferg, this goes beyond the album, due Aug. 20; it's his lifestyle. The rapper has been a Trap Lord before he even started making the album. “People started calling me the Trap Lord, because I was known for different hustles. I used to make jewelry, do art sales … but I succeeded at everything," he tells TheDrop.fm, referring to his background in fashion design and painting. "I was making money from everything. It’s just that the rapping took me a little further than anything else. I developed that name Trap Lord from my friends and as a hustler.”

Although rapping and songwriting are some of his many passions, he's pretty good at it, which is why his LP is one of the more anticipated hip-hop releases of the year. In fact, listeners can be Trap Lords too and may not even know it.

A$AP Ferg gives TheDrop.fm some insight on what truly makes a Trap Lord. Even if you're not at the Harlem, N.Y., native's level just yet, here's 10 signs you're on your way there.

1. You're Ambitious

A$AP Ferg maintains there's no set stereotype for being a Trap Lord, as he names Jay Z, DMX and Common as examples. They were all ambitious. “The hustling, the ambition, the creativity," he says on being a Trap Lord. "Just being a go-getter basically."

2. You Have Multiple Hustles

The entertainer launched his own clothing and jewelry line, designed belts, sold art and -- of course -- he raps. An ideal Trap Lord has multiple ways of succeeding. A plus of having multiple trades is having a different perspective on a project. "Me being a visual artist and directing my own videos, I see the visuals first and it inspires the words or the concept of the song,” Ferg shares.

3. You Take Initiative

You know the world is out there, and you go out and get what you want. “I have urgency, like I don’t wait for anything. I think like if I would’ve waited I would have nothing right now,” he admits.

4. Your Drive Motivates Others

Sometimes ambition is a catchy thing, and A$AP Ferg's collaboration with the rest of the mob is a perfect example of this: “I was always ambitious for life before I met the crew and that’s what I think made them respect me and want to be around me. That ambition and urgency kind of rubbed off on the rest of them. I kind of motivates them to do their thing.”

5. You Have Your Own Team

The rhymer believes a supportive group surrounding you is necessary to take your hustle to Trap Lord heights. After all, every cause needs its supporters.

“I’ve learned how to be a team player [since joining the A$AP Mob]," Ferg reveals. "Before I was doing everything by myself, but they would show me how to have brothers around. I have like a crutch for when I’m weak. It’s different when you have a team; you have a bigger impact. That’s so important because people who do things by themselves, that’s a limit to their success. You can’t really do everything by yourself. Every successful person has a team that puts them on that pedestal.”

6. You Have Focused Goals

There are multiple ways to hustle, but it's best not to indulge in all of it just to play the game. A Trap Lord ought to have a specific goal to achieve and hustle toward, otherwise what's the point? "So you have to have your mind made up on what you want to do and what you want to accomplish," he states. "You got to be able to foresee what you’re trying to do or where you’re trying to go.”

7. You Know Your Lane

It's like the old saying goes: time is money. If you're too busy dawdling in too many areas instead of honing your craft in a few, there's a chance you could be hurting yourself. Stick to one lane and excel -- it could pay benefit you. “You definitely got to know your lane," the 24-year-old explains. "A lot of people lose opportunity because they don’t know where they stand on their position. So you got to know your lane in order to provide a service. If you don’t your lane, you don’t know what type of demographic you have.”

8. You Know the Difference Between Friends & Associates

Of course, if you're a Trap Lord you're going to run into a lot of people, especially in the entertainment industry. In regard to associates, A$AP Ferg has a special way of interacting with them. "I deal with them how I deal with them," he admits. "I got friends, but then I got A$AP -- my brotherhood. When I see my friends and it’s time to hang out and chill and see family and stuff, that’s their time. But I deal with people as they come.”

9. You're Innovative

The Internet age has brought with it an oversaturation of new music, and of course a lot of it sounds much of the same. But there are always a select few who take steps to differentiate themselves from the pack. That's not just limited to music. Those interested in technology, fashion, art, education and more can spin their ideas in a way that's fresh.

"You can be inspired by somebody, but make sure you’re out to do something that has your own touches of creativity to it and change it up," Ferg urges. "Shake things up a little bit."

10. You Watch & Learn

A true Trap Lord knows a Trap Lord. "Watch me," Ferg states.

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