Harlem rapper A$AP Ferg has been putting in work as a member of A$AP Mob, led by their fashionable leader A$AP Rocky. His new opus, 'Trap Lord,' is a hardcore rap album that brings a stylistic sound to trap music.

The production is manic at times with its 808 drumbeats and ethereal sounds that it almost resembles gospel music. But there's no inspirational songs, per say, on this 13-track collection. Fergenstein barks gruff rhymes about street violence and the perils of living the hustler's life.

Ferg acts like a spiritual adviser to the trap soldiers in the game on the spiritual song 'Hood Pope' and recounts his days as a hustler on the standout 'Fergivicious.' On the haunting 'Didn't Wanna Do That,' Ferg narrates a tale about retaliation after his friend gets robbed.

Guest appearances are kept to a minimum with '90s rappers Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, B-Real from Cypress Hill and Onyx providing competent rhymes on their respective tracks. Even the cacophonous 'Work' remix, featuring A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad Jame$ and ScHoolboy Q, is on here, which is probably the most turnt-up song of 2013.

The album has a few missteps, in particular, the misogynistic track 'Dump Dump,' which is pointless as it detours from the overall theme of the album.

Nevertheless, A$AP Ferg's 'Trap Lord' is a strong contribution from the A$AP Mob crew.

1. 'Let It Go'

Over eerie synths, a 808 drumbeat and stuttering snares, A$AP Ferg spits braggadocios rhymes about how he's the boss and not afraid to bust gunshots in the streets.

2. 'Shabba' Feat. A$AP Rocky

Produced by Snugsworth, the song salutes '90s dancehall king Shabba Ranks for his style and his knack for pulling fine women. A$AP Rocky outshines Ferg on here with his sexualized rhymes.

3. 'Lord' Feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

On this ethereal track, Fergenstein acts as a spiritual adviser for those still hustling on the streets. "Trippin' yourself is not valiant young lord / Study your scriptures and follow your God / Life in the trap I know times will get hard / I'll pick up your life just Abide by the lord / Or ride by the lord," he raps. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony come through and spit rat-tat-tat rhymes about violence and redemption.

4. 'Hood Pope'

Another quasi-spiritual song from the Trap Lord, himself. Blessed by producer Veryrvre, Ferg relays a sing-songy flow as he offers spiritual guidance to the soldiers on the streets.

5. 'Fergivicious'

A big standout on the album for the production alone. Over a bass-heavy beat, Ferg raps about his life as a street hustler in Harlem and remembers the fallen soldiers. "I feel the pain for my bro cause his dad died / My daddy gone too my n----, that's life / But them n----s did it up in they past lives / Moét with Crystal, n----, that's right," he raps.

6. '4:02'

An interlude in which Ferg engages in a ménage à trois with his girlfriend and a female companion. If you're not a fan of loud moaning from two woman, this will be one to skip.

7. 'Dump Dump'

A$AP Ferg raps about stealing and bedding another man's girlfriend. The subject matter is tired and detours from the overall theme of the album.

8. 'Work (Remix)' Feat. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad Jame$ & ScHoolboy Q

This song will probably go down as one of the most turnt-up songs of 2012. We are wondering why the original version wasn't included on the album as it had more of a lyrical punch. Nevertheless, the 'Work (Remix)' is still an anthemic trap song with impressive verses from ScHoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky. [Watch the Video]

9. 'Didn't Wanna Do That'

Another standout track on the album. It's a narrative song about retaliating against the people who rob a fellow trap lordian. In light of this murderous tale, Ferg does offer a cautionary note: "Your wig will get blown living that street life / You can't live long living this street life / Got to watch your moms in this street life / They'll come to your home in that street life / Four flip from the chrome in that street life / Your chromosomes all on that street life."

10. 'Murda Something' Feat. Waka Flocka Flame

Produced by Rico Love, the haunting song boasts a hard beat and stirring violins. Both Ferg and Flame spit bars about street violence.

11. 'Make a Scene'

It's another song about street violence. Over a crisp beat, Ferg threatens to make a scene that will cause everyone to mourn for loved ones. "Say bye to your mama / Say Hi to the coffin / You die from that llama / You live near the lord and...that why rain is pourin'," he spits.

12. 'F--- Out My Face' Feat. B-Real, Onyx & Aston Matthews

One of the most interesting line-ups on the album because it features '90s rappers B-Real from Cypress Hill and rap group Onyx. One thing's for sure, the beat knocks from Harlem to Los Angeles. On the track, the trio raps tough bars over some eerie productions. Fedro Starr and Sticky Fingaz have the standout verses on here. Judging by the title, you would expect something more grittier but it's kind of tame. It's a good track nonetheless.

13. 'Cocaine Castle'

A$AP Ferg ends the album on a solemn note with 'Cocaine Castle.' Over spacey production, provided by High Class Filth and Subdaio, Ferg raps a sorrowful tale of the dire aftermath of people who visit the dope spot. "Everybody going to this cocaine castle / You'll probably see your reverend at this cocaine castle / Pimps and prostitutes at this cocaine castle / Doctors in their suits at this cocaine castle / Babies in they pampers at this cocaine castle / Crying with they grandma at this cocaine castle," he rhymes.

Watch A$AP Ferg's 'Shabba' Video Feat. A$AP Rocky

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