'Dr Phil' Interview
DMX's struggle both financially and personally has been fodder for the tabloids. Now the embattled rapper is ready to tell his side of the story on the 'Dr. Phil Show.'
Naked MC
DMX's current existence is more manic than his rhyme delivery, which is no small feat as anyone who's listened to his songs can attest to. Some new video footage provides another peek into his perpetually helter skelter lifestyle.
Official Statement
After DMX's arrest last night during a traffic stop -- the rapper was ultimately cited for weed and brought to a South Carolina jail to deal with a past warrant -- he is now sharing his side of the story.
Arrested Again
DMX can't stay out of trouble with the law. The 'Slippin'' rapper, who recently filed for bankruptcy, was arrested again in South Carolina on Tuesday (Aug. 20). Video of the situation has ended up online, with the rhymer getting loud about it.
He's Bankrupt
Rapper DMX's career is currently in the dog days. The embattled rhymer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just days after his arrest for DUI in South Carolina.
DMX Passed Out
DMX's arrest for DUI in South Carolina last week wasn't much of a shocker given his past run-ins with the law. But now video of his arrest has surfaced online.

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