Queen Latifah is having too much fun on her daytime talk show. Following Willow Smith's stellar performance on her show earlier this week, the Queen invited her father, Will Smith, for a friendly game of Rap Jeopardy.

Much like the classic television game show, host Alex Trebek watched the two hip-hop veterans answer questions from rap-related categories like "Rapper's Delight," "Potent Potables," "Diddy or Didn't He," "Food Rappers," "That's What She Said" and Rap by the Numbers."

One thing's for sure, Smith is very knowledgeable in all things Diddy because he answered every question in the category to gain an early lead against Latifah. Near the end of the game, it came down to a tie between them with $7,200 apiece.

For Final Jeopardy, Smith and La were given the clue: “This is the greatest rapper of all time.”

Watch the video to find out how they answered the question and who were really the big winners of Rap Jeopardy.

Watch Will Smith's Interview on the 'Queen Latifah Show'

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