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What makes a hip-hop legend? For every fan, the answer will be different. Ultimately, a hip-hop legend is an artist who started a career by telling their story through undeniable lyrics, using a vigor that couldn't be matched. During their rise to fame, their legion of supporters may not have realized just how monumental their songs or contribution to the culture would be, but as time passed, the legendary descriptor was well-deserved.

Rappers like Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and Queen Latifah are prime examples of legends in the genre. Each crafted bodies of work that are used as blueprints today. While 'Pac and Biggie are resting in hip-hop heaven, that doesn't mean their albums and lyrics fall to the wayside -- they live on in movies, documentaries and even through the burgeoning rhymers who are inspired by these greats. And Latifah proves that rap can be used as a stepping stone to build a respected, profitable empire.

McDonald’s showcases another Urban Bytes segment with TheDrop.fm in the visual above by highlighting these three legendary dynamos.

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