After his collaborative songs with Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown, shares one of his most oddball pairings: 'Freshy' featuring Juicy J.

If you're thinking this is a a futuristic turn-up song for the clubs, well, you're right. Over a bouncy, bass-heavy beat and computer blips, the Black Eyed Peas leader boasts about he how stunts in the clubs.

"Big Willy / Stay chilly / My money is so funny it's silly," he raps, adding, "What this / In my pocket / This knot / It's a lot / Big dolla / Big dolla / Guap," he raps.

Although Will's rhymes are a little trite, Juicy J adds his trippy verses to the mix and saves the song from being a complete novelty track. "High price / My clothes / Over price / My ho's / New house / No fence / Bank account / Lotta chips," he raps. recovers lyrically at the end with some swagged-out verses but this really should be a Juicy J solo track.

Yes, the song is a vainglorious display of materialism and ratchetness. However, 'Freshy' is perfect for getting it turnt up in the clubs.'s rhymes may be a little sour, but the song is totally fresh to def.

Listen to's 'Freshy' Song Feat. Juicy J

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