Yes, that's Katy Perry and Juicy J collaborating on 'Dark Horse.' And yes, it actually works.

Dr. Luke and Max Martin produce the extremely bass-heavy track, creating an atmosphere that recalls the voodoo of the grimy nightclub scene -- which is a place where Juicy J is shamelessly comfortable in. It sort of sounds like he's pushing for love here, too: "She ride me like a roller coaster ,turn the bedroom into fair." This is love as Juicy J knows it at least.

Despite Juicy's experience in the atmosphere, it's Katy Perry who really shines here. There's the fist-pumping moments heard on the chart-topping 'Roar,' but on the verse, Katy Perry coyly dances around the grimy atmosphere while the rapper indulges in it: "I knew you were / That you were gonna come to me / Now here you are / Now you better choose carefully." There's some seducing witchcraft going on here.

'Dark Horse' is sounding like another banger, and it's slated to appear on Perry's new LP, 'Prism.' The project is scheduled to drop Oct. 22.

Listen to Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' Feat. Juicy J

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