Usher is in the fight of his life when he battles himself in a new short film for Samsung.

The Rich Lee-directed clip, titled 'Usher's Looking 4 Myself Presented by Sumsung,' features two versions of the R&B crooner: one being the suave cool side of him and the other is his evil alter-ego.

It starts off with Usher sitting on the couch looking at a TV showcasing old photos of his former flame. We must note that the 'Climax' singer is using a Samsung Smart TV and is sifting through the pictures with Samsung's innovative motion control technology.

Usher then gets a knock at the door and is greeted by his evil side, who tosses him through the window like a rag doll. We watch as the two simultaneously one-up each other in kick ass-ness.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Usher said he wanted to create a spot that matches the spirit of the song, 'Looking 4 Myself,' and his personality.

"The short is about basically the two sides of my personality: the dichotomy of who I am as an entertainer, a relationship gone bad because of who I am as an entertainer," he explains. "Here I am, in front of the television, kind of maneuvering through it in my apartment, and my alter-ego shows up and we battle."

"I don’t normally fight in videos that much, [though I usually] am kind of fighting myself," he continues. "So it’s a battle between me and myself, but dramatized. The action was a little inspired by that Will Smith movie 'Hancock' and also 'The Matrix.' There’s a lot of action, a lot of special effects, and a lot of stunts."

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