Today, Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond went to court for an emergency child custody hearing stemming from a swimming pool accident that sent the former couple's son, Usher Raymond V, to the hospital.

Tameka argues the is not an attentive enough father to have custody of the 5-year-old Raymond V and 4-year-old Naviyd. Despite her heartbreaking testimony, Usher was able to retain custody.

Usher's lawyer said the singer's Aunt Rena, who made the 911 call after the incident, is a "very attentive and wonderful person" and has been since Raymond V was born. He also accused Tameka of being guilty of an "abuse of process" because she allegedly exploited this case to gain sympathy. "This is an accident that could have happened to anyone," the lawyer stated.

Tameka was understandably emotional throughout the hearing. She said doctors told her Raymond V had to be revived on the scene, and she's fearful her son may not make a 100 percent recovery. Tameka also explained that when Raymond V's heart rate dropped dangerously low last night, forcing an emergency EKG, Usher wasn't present in the hospital.

Aunt Rena's 911 call also played in court. In the audio, audible screams can be heard in the background as Rena calls Naviyd -- who jumped into the reported eight-foot pool to save his brother -- multiple times in order to gain control of the child.

Tameka broke down into tears after hearing the 911 recording, repeatedly saying the entire scene sounded like chaos.

She also stated her discontent with Usher's continuous use of caregivers who she sees unfit and cited the "near-death" incident to back her claim. The judge dismissed the case. In a classy move, Usher gave a consolatory hug to his ex-wife afterward.

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