Atlanta has been a breeding ground for new R&B for as long as most fans can remember. The fact that the industry in the Peach State is so interconnected inevitably means that many within the R&B circle hang out together at the same spots.

Not to mention many of the genre's biggest stars either live or have lived in the metropolitan area of the city in order to stay in the mix with the many songwriters and producers who call Atlanta "home."

From Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles downtown to the Velvet Room nightspot on the North Side of the city, R&B singers in Atlanta know where the best spots are to live, work and play. has organized a list of 10 locations R&B fans would want to visit on their next trip to the A.

Speaking of Atlanta, the southern city location is just one stop on Alicia Keys' Set the World On Fire tour. The songstress is currently on her worldwide trek and wants to get to know her fans in every city. She's asking fans to send in photos of themselves in their cities, and with those photos, she will create a new music video for her song 'Hallelujah' in every city on her tour. To submit your photos to the 'Your City, Your Video' project, go here. The next deadline for photo submissions for the tour dates in Atlantic City, Washington D.C., and Detroit is April 1. The submission period for dates prior to that has closed.

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