Trinidad James hopes to work with Justin Timberlake after viewing and being impressed by JT’s spoof of him on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Trinidad James’ breakout single ‘All Gold Everything’ has been everywhere to the point of parody. You know you’ve made it when 'SNL' pokes fun at you, especially if it’s Justin Timberlake doing the poking.

When the ‘Suit and Tie’ singer acted out the sketch “Veganville” where he spit rhymes about healthy grub, matching James’ ‘All Gold Everything’ flow, the Atlanta rapper thought it was "dope."

James gushed to MTV News, “The Justin Timberlake spoof, that was pretty much the dopest one. I liked it a lot.”

When asked if Trinidad would work with the pop star, he said he'd be more than willing. “Definitely if we’re doing real music and not spoofs, I’ll definitely work with Justin,” he shared. "What kind of question is that? It’s like, ‘Do you like Jesus? Yeah, I love Jesus!’”

We’d like to see collaboration between the two as well, maybe even a remix to one of Justin’s tracks off of ‘The 20/20 Experience.’

                         Watch Trinidad James' 'Female$ Welcomed' Video 

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