Monday night was the season premiere of 'The Voice' and Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green took a break from the show while Shakira and Usher took their place. Early on, the dynamic and chemistry between all of the judges (including Adam Levine and Blake Sheldon) didn’t match previous seasons. But it’s not about the judges, it’s about the talent.

What’s great about 'The Voice' compared to other competition shows? It’s here to showcase real talent rather than seeking ratings with endless bad auditions for our schadenfreude pleasure.

The show opened up with blonde twins who went by the name of the Morgan Twins. They performed together, singing the audition favorite ‘Fallin'’ by Alicia Keys. Personally, I didn't think it was a groundbreaking performance but the judges heard something I didn’t hear because all four of them turned around and tried to persuade the twins to get on their teams. Even though the Morgan Twins swooned over Usher in a previous segment, they chose Blake.

Danielle Bradbery went big for her first performance at the tender age of 16. She opened up about her struggles with being bullied at school and appropriately performed ‘Mean’ by Taylor Swift. She could take T-Swizzle’s crown if she wins this competition. She too is on Team Blake.

Vedo gave a cool rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend.’ All the judges knew they had no chance against Usher in winning the singer to be on their team. Vedo went through and is on Team Usher, of course.

Ever wondered what LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ would sound like as an intimate acoustic version? Well, Christian Porter did just that and actually made it work. He too, went through and is on Team Blake.

Leah Lewis is a gorgeous teenage girl, hoping to be the first Asian country star. Though she had a gigantic voice, the judges made it clear she has everything but she still needs to grow vocally and in no time she’ll have the “it” factor.

To end the show, Judith Hill was one of the singers during the This Is It Tour during Michael Jackson’s last days. She, along with the Morgan Twins were the only ones capable of getting all four judges to turn around. Performing former judge Christina Aguilera’s ‘What A Girl Wants’ in a jazzy rendition, she got a standing ovation from all the judges but opted to be on Team Adam.

Overall, the season is off to a good start but we can’t help wonder what CeeLo and Christina would have brought to the table had they been at the judges' table.

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